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Marie is one of only two people in Northern California officially recognized by the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco to perform powers of attorney recognized by the Portuguese government, also known as "Procurações". If you own property in mainland Portugal or the Azores Islands, it is important to have a representative there who has the power to perform tasks such as collect rent, pay property taxes or sell. 

How Long Does It Take?

​How it Works...

​Procuração - $100 each

Send to Consulate - $25

​It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the circumstances. During peak tax seasons (February-April and September-October), we ask that you give us more time to prepare your documents. 

The process is simpler than it sounds. Just call and ask for Monique. Give her all of the information about the person or people requiring the power of attorney, the person being delegated as the representative, and we can prepare the procuração right here in the office. We will then call you when everything is ready, and then everyone comes in to sign. Once all the signatures are obtained, the document needs to be sent to the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco, which we can do for an extra fee.